Recognizing Excellent Care With a Gift to Support Cancer Research

Grateful Patient Hopes Others Will Benefit From Targeted Approach

Cancer has long been part of Jerome Rosenberg's life.

He lost his first wife to breast cancer after 40 years of marriage. It was a difficult time, and he sought support in a group for widows and widowers. During the meetings, he met and fell in love with his second wife, Lea, who had lost her husband of 30 years to pancreatic cancer.

Cancer has also played a role in his own life: Jerome just celebrated 10 years as a cancer survivor. He gives full credit to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and his care team, including his extraordinary medical oncologist, Dr. Nancy Kemeny.

Dr. Kemeny saved Jerome's life by implanting a small pump that delivered chemotherapy directly to his liver to treat his colorectal cancer. This breakthrough approach helped push his cancer into remission.

Given his long career in the financial planning and insurance business, it should come as no surprise that Jerome organized his estate carefully. And when he began to consider making a charitable gift in his will, he immediately thought of MSK.

Working together, we can do so much for so many.

—Jerome Rosenberg

Jerome also made the gift in hopes of inspiring fellow patients and MSK supporters.

"Working together, we can do so much for so many," he says.

Memorial Sloan Kettering gratefully acknowledges their visionary commitment to the Center's future and recognizes them as members of the Cullum Society.

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